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Why Elderly Home Care Is Better than a Residential Facility

As a population, we are getting older. Elderly home care is becoming an increasingly easy solution.

One visit to an institution and it’s clear why elderly home care is a better option. Most of the time, when you walk in, you are amazed at the beauty of the facility. It seems like a perfect facility for your elderly mother or father to live out the rest of their years. But that is simply what it is... a facility, not a home. Consider elderly home care instead.

The Advantages to Elderly Home Care

The advantages to elderly home care are that your loved one can be in their own home surrounded by their belongings and their memories. There may be residential retirement homes that offer entertainment and the opportunity for interaction, but most elderly individuals would prefer the company of their own friends and family to that of strangers.

With elderly home care, you have your choice of many qualified caregivers working for reputable companies. Also, with elderly home care, you can choose the amount of professional care that is needed and desired.

Elderly home care allows people to feel somewhat in control of their lives and not at the mercy of the nurse or attendant who happens to be on duty. Elderly home care also allows them to maintain their privacy and dignity.

Can Elderly Home Care Be Cost Effective?

Elderly home care gives you freedom of choice. You can choose full-time or part-time elderly home care. In many instances, you can get elderly home care for as low as $12 an hour. You cannot say the same about residential care. With some facilities, you may need to hand over most, if not all, of your life savings. Many health insurances will pay for most of the costs incurred with elderly home care professionals.

In an institutional facility, you need to pay for all of your meals up front. Elderly home care allows you to do your weekly food shopping just like you have always done, and then prepare only what you will need when you are ready to eat.

Quality of Life Better with Elderly Home Care

What is an acceptable quality of life? Is it better to live a bit longer and be unhappy? When choosing between residential facility care versus elderly home care, these questions have got to be running through your mind. The happiness of your loved one is not the least of your considerations. There may be circumstances that would require using a residential facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and many highly trained professionals instead of elderly home care. But there are many other times when the decision can be based solely on the desires and comfort of your elderly loved one. With The Elderly Home Care Help Network, They can feel as life is going on as normal. This alone may be enough to make a truly difficult time, a little better.

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